Our Infrastructure

Planning and Infrastructural Development:


The committee’s core functions are to coordinate and supervise urban development in the context of promoting enhanced compatibility with statutory requirements, development conditions, environmental safety and security standards as stipulated in; Cap 286 – physical planning Act Local Government Act cap 265 Environment Management and Co-ordination Act 1999, EMCA regulation of 2003, Public Health Act cap 242, Adoptive building by –Laws subsidiary legislation since 1968, Physical planners Registration Act (1996), Various council by –laws, Various planning policies, Survey Act (Cap 299)  Water Act (2003), Registered Land Act (Cap 300), Government Lands Act (Cap 280), Registration of Titles Act (Cap 281) and Physical Development Plans (policy plans)

The committee also Generate data and formulate planning information to guide Housing development in the area, prepare area development strategies and guidelines, Assist relevant Government department in processing and approving development applications, develop and Manage implementation of development plans, projects and programs and Ensure reservation of planned public utility lands by way of security of tenure, conservation and preservation


Our Programmes


 Coordinating Planning and infrastructural Development

To coordinate and supervise all developments within Varsityville in the context of promoting enhanced compatibility with the overall will of the Members of the Association and the statutory requirements of urban development while ensuring conformity to statutory development conditions, environmental, health and safety standards as stipulated by the Government of Kenya and/or County Government or any other competent authority 

Below are key activities undertaken/ being undertaken

1. Safeguarding Public Lands.

VVRA is deified with fourteen (14) parcels that were reserved for community use working, the association is working extra hard with relevant stakeholders to ensure that the original plan (LR NO. RUIRU/RUIRU EAST BLOCK 7) remains unaltered unless permission for alteration is granted by the Association. 

2. Control Development

In partnership with the County Government of Kiambu VVR is actively involved the in physical planning and Controlling Development of housing within the estate. Every developer should deposit a copy of the approved drawing with the association and sign agreement for compliance with regulation for construction in ruiru/ruiru east block 7 ruiru sub-county 

3.Access Roads

Varsityville Estate has the most motorable roads within Gatogora ward and this we attribute it to the members of the Association who actively fund and support the leadership of the Association in grading the roads as well as contributions of the county Government of Kiambu through the member of the County Assembly (MCA)

All roads within the estate are currently named and well-marked with a visible sign post. Efforts are underway to mark the clusters and courts and further give a unique number to every household

4.Drainage and Sewer System

In dealing with drainage od storm water effluent from commercial buildings along the bypass as well as storm water VVRA engaged with the Northlands city and an amicable solution was reached, ie Northland were to do a tunnel long their boundary with Varsityville Estate that would drain water, this is work in progress.