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Our Brief History

Development of Varsityville Estate was conceived in the early 1980s by a few lecturers at Kenyatta University who approached the Kenyatta family to sell to them some land for the purpose of developing the said residential estate. The Kenyatta family agreed and excised about 200 acres from their Sukari Ranch in Ruiru, Kiambu County.

  1. On 21st May 1991 a limited liability company known as Varsity Ville Limited was lawfully registered as the owner of RUIRU/RUIRU EAST BLOCK 7 aforesaid and thereafter caused the aforesaid land to be surveyed and subdivided in accordance with the aforesaid local Physical Development Plan which plan was drawn and duly approved by the relevant authorities.
  2. The subdivision excised as stated in the foregoing paragraph were thereafter sold to each of the individual who built residential houses thereon and comprise the residents of Varsity Ville Estate aforesaid.

Varsityville Estate stands on a piece or parcel of land known as RUIRU/RUIRU EAST BLOCK 7 measuring approximately 200 acres, which said land was subdivided from a larger piece of land known as L.R NO. 10901/8.

  1. A local Physical Development Plan for the first registered owner of the said RUIRU/RUIRU EAST BLOCK 7 was drawn and duly approved. In the said plan land is delimitated for residence, commerce, community use, health center, nursery and, primary schools.
  2. The land was subdivided into 181 plots of which 14 plots were reserved for community use while the rest of the land was reserved for access roads. The remaining 166 plots were sold to the said Kenyatta University lecturers and a few other outsiders. All the residential plots were approximately one (1) acre each.

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