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Varsityville Residents’ Association is a registered Association under the Societies’ Act Registration Certificate Nº .32971. the Association represents all residents residing in Varsityville Estate i.e. LR Nº Ruiru/Ruiru East block 7 (Sukari Ranch). the Association oversee the welfare of Varsityville residents and plot owners. It is governed by a Constitution, rules and regulations, laws of Kenya and any other policy or legislation as may be applicable from a competent authority.

The estate occupies a strategic location in Ruiru Sub-County, Kiambu County on the northeast fringe of Nairobi city approximately 25 kilometres from the City Centre along the eastern bypass. The estate was hived from L.R NO. 10901/8, Sukari Ranch in 1991 and the land was subdivided into 181 plots of which 14 plots were reserved for community use while the rest of the land was reserved for access roads. The remaining 166 plots were sold to individuals who mostly were Lecturers at Kenyatta University as well as a few other outsiders. All the residential plots were approximately one (1) acre each.

A local Physical Development Plan for the first registered owner of the said RUIRU/RUIRU EAST BLOCK 7   was drawn and duly approved. In the said plan land is delimitated for residence, commerce, community use, health centre, nursery and, primary schools. Over the years the estate grew and the need to subdivided the one-acre into smaller portion was evident. Through the general assembly, residents passed unanimously that the minimum subdivision within the estate was 1/8 of an acre. The resolution that remains biding to date.

The estate borders Northlands City and Brookside daily on one side and Gatogora estate on the other side. The VVRA promotes the interests and well-being of those people living in Varsityville Estate and provides a forum for resident’s views on matters which concern the community.

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Registration is for both individuals and corporates

Our Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

VVRA’s mission is “To promote and advocate common good for all residents while respecting universal basic human rights through Advocacy, Coordination, Collaboration and facilitation encouraging and persuading co-operation of all residents and plot owners for the benefit of all.”

Our Vision

VVRA envisages “atmosphere of harmonious living among residents in a clean, secure, cohesive and orderly environment”.

Our Values

  • Complementarity
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Gender equity and Sensitivity
  • Equality of opportunity in management and service delivery
  • Commitment to excellence, transparency and accountability in our work.

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